pet photography

6 quickfire photography tips for dogs

Alex Wrigley

The latest instalment of our quickfire photography tips looks into 6 easy tips to improve your dog photography. Click here to view more!... [read more]

Tearing up the Rulebook – 12 Photography Rules and When to Break Them

Alex Wrigley

Always use the Rule of Thirds. Always use the Rule of Odds. Always shoot with your back to the sun. We’re bombarded with rules that try to dictate our photography from the moment we begin learning, but creativity should never be bound by concrete and infl... [read more]

10 Tips to Take Your Pet Photography to the Next Level

Alex Wrigley

Pet photography is an easy skill to practise, but how do you stand out from the crowd when everybody can jump into pet photography? Our 10 tips should be enough to give you that unique style and help you stand out!... [read more]

5 More Photography Composition Tips

Alex Wrigley

Composition is the most important aspect of photography, and if used correctly it can be the difference between an average image and a great one. Here are 5 more photography composition tips to improve your images.... [read more]

Beginners Guide to Photography Composition

Alex Wrigley

Composition is the most important aspect in photography. Without good composition you simply cannot get a great photograph, no matter how stunning the scene before you is. Get ahead with our beginners guide to composition here.... [read more]

Ditch the JPEGs – Why You Should be Shooting RAW

Alex Wrigley

Beginner photographers often never even consider shooting in RAW format, but it holds some massive advantages over the default JPEG settings. Read on as we dispel the RAW vs JPEG myths.... [read more]

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