portrait photography

Composition tips: The Rule of Thirds explained

Alex Wrigley

The Rule of Thirds is one of the most widely known compositional tools used, what what is it and how can you use it (or break it) to improve your photography?... [read more]

21 photography props for every genre of photography

Alex Wrigley

Whether you shoot wedding, macro, still-life or even toy photography, choosing the best photography props can elevate your images to a new level. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite photography props for each genre here, although some props are great in... [read more]

Ultimate Guide to Autumn / Fall Photography

Alex Wrigley

Autumn may feel a long way off in the height of summer, but it can creep up on the unprepared photographer quickly and be over in the blink of an eye. It’s not just for nature photographers either – Portrait, wedding, and street photographers can all take... [read more]

Ultimate Guide to Spring Photography – Tips and Tricks

Alex Wrigley

The days grow longer and the temperature warmer – Spring is here. There is plenty that spring offers to all manner of photographer, with a burst of colour injected into landscapes and street scenes alike. Read our Ultimate Guide to Spring Photography to m... [read more]

Leading Lines – How Can They Improve Your Photography Composition?

Alex Wrigley

There are plenty of ways to enhance the sense of depth and three-dimensionality in a photograph, but not many can work as powerfully as a well placed leading line to draw the viewer’s eye into the scene. Leading lines are hugely effective compositional to... [read more]

Tearing up the Rulebook – 12 Photography Rules and When to Break Them

Alex Wrigley

Always use the Rule of Thirds. Always use the Rule of Odds. Always shoot with your back to the sun. We’re bombarded with rules that try to dictate our photography from the moment we begin learning, but creativity should never be bound by concrete and infl... [read more]

Photography in the Rain – Making the Most of a Rainy Day

Alex Wrigley

What do you do when it’s raining? Batten down the hatches and wait for it to pass? Most people do that, but they’re missing a wealth of photography opportunities out there in the rain, and that applies across the board to all photography genres. Read on f... [read more]

Beginners Guide to Photography Composition

Alex Wrigley

Composition is the most important aspect in photography. Without good composition you simply cannot get a great photograph, no matter how stunning the scene before you is. Get ahead with our beginners guide to composition here.... [read more]

Ditch the JPEGs – Why You Should be Shooting RAW

Alex Wrigley

Beginner photographers often never even consider shooting in RAW format, but it holds some massive advantages over the default JPEG settings. Read on as we dispel the RAW vs JPEG myths.... [read more]

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