Good travel slideshows should contain a mix of photos that knit together to tell a story about your trip. To achieve that you’ll need a range of different types of photos, and you need to be aware of that so that you can take the right shots.

In particular there are 5 types of photos that are perfect for travel slideshows:

1. Establishing Shots

Travel photography slideshows

Normally this is a wide shot that is designed to set the scene and show viewers the setting where the next few photos will be taking place. For example it could show a historical landmark from the outside, and the next few photos could be scenes from inside it.

Depending on the style of the travel slideshow you’re creating, your establishing shots could be wide shots that feature a specific person (or yourself) in them. For example you could take a wide selfie featuring yourself as the subject pointing to the location that is going to be the setting for the next few photos.

2. Close-ups of People

Travel photography slideshows

Considering many of the photos if your travel slideshows are likely to be photos of landscapes, architecture or items – mixing it up with close-ups of people will make your slideshow more interesting. Extreme close-ups that focus on part of the subject’s face can be especially interesting, but should be used sparingly.

When you’re snapping close-ups of people to include in your slideshow, think of the story behind it. The emotional weight of the expressions and body language of people can be worth a thousand words and really give your slideshow more depth.

3. Low-angle Shots of Landmarks

Travel photography slideshows

One of the more iconic type of travel photos would have to be low-angle shots of landmarks. It is often used for tall buildings, but can work just as well for trees, statues, and various other important landmarks.

Basically the photo should be captured from ground-level (or close to it) with the camera angled upwards to frame the landmark. That will give it a sense of size and scale that few other types of shots can provide.

4. Point-of-View Photos

Travel photography slideshows

A point-of-view (POV) photo is designed to put the viewer in the shoes of the person holding the camera, and let them view a scene from the first person. It can be used to create very specific types of travel photos, and is especially common when you want to include photos of certain activities.

For example if you’re on a skiing trip, rather than a few mid-range shots of yourself or others skiing, a POV photo would look much more compelling. Be sure to capture some elements that make it clear that it is a POV shot, such as the tips of your skis or your hands gripping your ski poles.

5. Group Photos

Travel photography slideshows

Assuming you’re traveling in a group, bringing everyone together for a group photo is a good way to draw the slideshow to a close. Try to make sure everyone is in it, and if you want it to look casual and informal then maybe a wide angle selfie of the group would be a good option.

See how each of the types of photos listed above can play a role in your travel slideshow? Using them will make your slideshow more diverse and interesting, while also helping you to frame the story of your trip and tell it more effectively.

While you’re traveling you should try to take as many of each type of photo as possible and when you get back you can curate them and figure out which ones to use. After that it is just a case of compiling the slideshow in your slideshow maker software, and for example you could try Movavi Slideshow Maker for that.

It should be noted that there are other types of photos that you may want to include in your slideshows in some cases, and you should feel free to do so. In fact throughout your trip as you’re snapping photos you should ask yourself, “What is it that this photo will show?” and “What is the story behind the photo?”

If you do that, you should be able to capture some great material to use in your travel slideshow.

Disclosure – This post has been sponsored by Movavi – A fantastic piece of software that enables you to create unique, custom slideshows quickly and easily.

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