Greece is a country packed full of historical places that the discerning tourist simply must visit at least once.

It’s a land steeped in mythology, with interesting tales to be told at every turn. Gods and mythical beasts were thought to have roamed the land and directed the fates of inhabitants, with some locations still visible today for you to visit and photograph.

If you’re on a Greek mythology tour, we’ve identified six places you simply have to take your camera.

Delos Island – Birthplace of Apollo

Greece Photo Locations

In the ancient times, it was believed Apollo, God of Light, and the Goddess Artemis were born here. That rendered the island sacred: no mortal would ever be allowed to be born or die on the land. Once it became inhabited, those close to birth or death were ferried to nearby islands.

Luckily for tourists, that’s no longer the case and being just a short trip from Mykonos, it’s easily accessible for those hoping to truly take in some Ancient Greek culture. It’s an UNESCO World Heritage site and is packed full of places to visit. Make sure your memory card has plenty of space because there is tons to photograph on this stunning island.

Mount Olympus – Home of Zeus

Greece Photo Locations

Mount Olympus towers over Greece and offers views across the sea to Bulgari for those hardy enough to traverse to the top. It’s here you’ll need your camera, because the stunning scenery rolls out in front of you for miles.

The Independent reports that, in Ancient Greece, it was believed to be the home of the 12 gods, making it a sacred mountain and one that has spawned many legends and stories.

Here’s a fun fact for you: Mount Olympus is the basis of several titles on Foxy Games, including King of Olympus, Rulers of Olympus, and Gods of Olympus. Not to mention being the subject of countless other pieces of popular culture.

A trip to the top provides not just the photo opportunity you seek, but also a glimpse into the subject of many films and literary works over the years.

The Temple of Poseidon – God of the Sea

Greece Photo Locations

The Temple of Poseidon is just a short walk from the centre of Athens and is one of the major monuments of the Golden Age of Athens. Built around 444 BC, it stands 60m above sea level and is best photographed from the south, taking in the nine columns of the southern colonnade.

The notable statesman Pericles built the temple in honour of the God of the Sea, Poseidon and, like Mount Olympus, both have played a role in media depicting the era. Pericles and the temple both featured in the Ubisoft game Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, based on Ancient Greece.

Knossos – The Minotaur

Greece Photo Locations

Knossos has been called Europe’s oldest city and is the largest Bronze Age archaeological site on Crete.

In mythology, King Minos lived in the palace at Knossos. He had a complex labyrinth constructed in which his son, the Minotaur, lived. The Minotaur was half-bull, half-human and was eventually slain by Theseus.

The north entrance is the place to be here, with a good vantage point away to the left as you’re facing it. With a charging bull fresco and the deep red pillars, it offers a lovely contrast to the bright blue skies on a clear day.

Acheron River – The Afterlife

Greece Photo Locations

The Greeks feared the Acheron River in ancient times, as it was believed to take you on to the afterlife. It was one of five rivers that led to the underworld, and close by (but long-since lost) were the ruins of Necromanteion. That translates to ‘Oracle of the Dead’, and was a temple devoted to Hades, God of the Underworld.

Now, it’s far less sinister, with rafting and horse-riding two of the main pastimes enjoyed by visitors to its clear blue waters.

There are lots of great opportunities afforded to those willing to walk the river, with a Truss bridge giving a good vantage point near Gliki.

Ithaca – Home of Odysseus

Greece Photo Locations

Ithaca is another beautiful island and, like Delos, is steeped in mythology. It was considered the home of Odysseus and in his poem Odyssey, Homer narrates Odysseus’ journey back to Ithaca at the end of Trojan War.

Kioni Bay and the village of Vathy are both beautiful sites for a spot of photography, with Odysseus’ statue in Vathy one must-visit location for those taking in the island’s beauty. The Olive tree of Ithaca, thought to be 1500 years old, is another interesting spot to visit and snap.

Once you’ve taken in the great locations of Greece, perhaps try swapping the sun for your winter coat and checking out these stunning locations in Iceland?

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