If you’ve bought into Nikon’s flagship mirrorless system, the Z Series cameras, then no doubt you’ve been eagerly anticipating the expansion of their Z-Series lenses.

This most recent announcement, providing you have deep pockets, will undoubtedly excite the portrait and street photographers out there.

The Nikkor Z 58mm f/0.95 S Noct is the fastest lens Nikon have ever produced, but this comes at a cost.

A cost of $8,000 (or £8,299), in fact.

Plus, it’s manual focus only. Manual focusing with the razor thin depth of field provided by the f/0.95 aperture will certainly test your skills.

That being said, the specifications and sample images do look extraordinary. Reportedly, they have completely eliminated coma in the lens and the front element features both ARNEO and Nano Crystal coatings to minimize ghosting and flare.

There’s also a dedicated Fn button that can be assigned, a customizable control ring and an information panel on the side of the lens.

Take a look at some of the sample images below!

Nikon z7 body
Nikkon 58mm f/0.95
1/8000s, f/1.4. Photo by Hideyuki Motegi
Nikkon 58mm f/0.95
Nikkon 58mm f/0.95

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