A couple of weeks ago we brought you the news that Fujifilm were raising the bar with their new release – The 102MP monster that is the Fujifilm GFX100.

Now, Panasonic have brought us some more game-changing news, this time in the world of video. The Panasonic S1H will be the world’s first 6k mirrorless camera!

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Panasonic S1H: What We Know So Far

This will be Panasonic’s third instalment in their growing L-mount range, following in the footsteps of the S1 and S1R earlier this year. You can see the announcement here:

The Panasonic S1 was the first full frame mirrorless offering that could shoot 4k video at 60 fps, although the downside of this was that it would only shoot 4k 60fps video with a cropped sensor. This may still be the case with the S1H, but it’s still a huge leap forward.

Let’s take a closer look at what we know so far:

  • 6k video recording at 24 fps
  • 5.9k recording at 30 fps
  • 10-bit 4k recording at 60 fps
  • Over 14 stops of dynamic range with V-Log
  • Can be powered with USB-C connection
  • Identical autofocus and stabilization as the S1
  • Release date likely autumn 2019
  • Expected retail price of $4,000

That’s a lot of numbers and letters, isn’t it? Here’s what you need to know though:

The 6k and 5.9k recording modes are world firsts, even if they aren’t at the ideal frame rate just yet. The 10-bit 4k recording at 60 fps is also a first for full frame systems.

That 14-stop V-Log system they use will produce incredible quality video, comparable to cameras at a much higher price bracket.

Panasonic are yet to release the full specifications for the S1H, so we can expect that in the near future.

What’s the Future of Panasonic?

Over the last year or so, Panasonic have really raised their game. They already had the much-lauded Lumix GH5 on their books, but then they went and released their first ever full-frame mirrorless cameras with the S1 and S1R.

With the S1H they have completed a mouthwatering triumvirate of imaging solutions:

  • The Panasonic S1 offers a high quality hybrid system that can meet the demands of photographers and videographers alike.
  • The Panasonic S1R brings a huge 47MP sensor to the party and offers some advanced techniques to produce stunning quality still images.
  • The Panasonic S1H is aimed squarely at the film production bracket, offering multiple world-firsts in a mirrorless camera.

What’s more, Panasonic have already stated their intention of releasing an 8k camera by 2020, one which will allow the photographer to pull out 33MP still frames from the videos.

Us? We still want the S1R. We’re photographers at heart, and that incredible sensor and 96MP high resolution mode just look irresistible!

Panasonic LUMIX S1 Full Frame Mirrorless Camera with 24.2MP...
  • Full frame sensor – 24. 2-Megapixel full-frame (35. 6mm x 23. 8mm) MOS sensor that provides a wide dynamic Range and excellent performance at high sensitivity (is 51200 Max sensitivity)
  • Lumix S camera lens – easy-to-use 24-105mm standard focal macro zoom F4 l-mount for Lumix S Series full-frame l-mount digital Mirrorless cameras

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