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We’re constantly scouring the internet for the very best photography content out there, and every week we’ll give you a roundup of our favourite links of the past week!

We’ve been on a bit of a Youtube binge this week, so we’ve got a fair few videos featuring on this week’s list!


Natural Light vs Artificial Light Battle

This is a recurring debate in all walks of photography. Which is better: Natural light or artificial?

Well, Manny Ortiz and Jessica Kobeissi sought to answer that question by battling it out in this video, and it’s a real eye opener! Of course, both styles have their own merits, and it’s more down to the photographer’s preferences and the aim of the image than one being inherently better than the other.

What’s surprising is that I actually prefer the off-camera flash image from this video, but I myself much prefer using natural light alone. What do you think?

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7 Exercises to Boost Creativity

Light Stalking bring us another thought provoking article here, offering us seven different exercises to give your creativity a boost when it starts running a bit dry.

It’s a constant battle for all creatives to keep the juices flowing. Sometimes it’s unavoidable and we simply hit a brick wall and can’t think of anything original or creative. Having done some of these exercises myself I can truly say that they work wonders! It’s more a case of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and forcing yourself to shoot, and that’s often enough to reignite that fire inside you. 

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Virtual Tour of the Moon – In 4K!

Moon photography tips

Fstoppers reported this week on a new release from NASA, and any new release from NASA is always worth checking out.

This time it’s a stunning virtual tour of the moon rendered in gorgeous 4K quality. It’s based on photos and data sent back fom the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, which has allowed the guys at NASA to construct a three-dimensional map of over 98% of the Moon’s surface. It’s taken nine years of data and almost 100 terabytes in storage, so you cam be sure it’s had some work go into it.

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Budget Photography Backdrops Hack

We love a good DIY project here at Click and Learn Photography. Okay, so we’re pretty useless at DIY but it’s always fun to think of things we could do!

Mango Street have brought us some great money and space saving tips this week with their two DIY photography backdrop. Using their second method this backdrop can be built for around £15 and hung from any beam in your house, saving both space and money compared to a professional backdrop.

Should You Keep Your Photography Locations Secret?

Ultimate Guide to Landscape Photography
One of my own ‘secret’ shooting locations

This is a subject rather close to my heart, covered in detail by Jake Traynor on DIYPhotography this week. Should you keep your locations a closely guarded secret or share them with everybody?

The Isle of Skye, Kirkjufell, Jokulsarlon, the tree at Lake Wanaka. These were all secret locations once, but now they’re regularly on the hit list of iconic spots for all landscape photographers. The problem here isn’t just that there are fewer opportunities for original photography, but moreso that the increased footfall in these areas often result in significant environmental damage.

Social media makes it almost impossible to stop the word spreading of these locations of course, but my personal opinion is that we should all try to be more considerate of the landscape we’re photographing.

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17 Ways to Boost Your Off-Camera Flash Game

This is one for when you’ve got some time on your hands. Trevor Dayley takes us through 17 different lighting setups using off-camera flash here in a video spanning almost 90 minutes. 

Off-camera flash is notoriously difficult to get your head around as a beginner, so this is extremely helpful in that respect. It’s not just that though – Trevor uses a fantastic memorisation technique to keep all thing information in his head, and even if you’re not interested in off-camera flash it could prove useful to you.

Finding Success in a Saturated Market

It’s no secret that photography is growing more and more competitive every day. The gear becomes cheaper with every new release and there is so much learning material available that everybody thinks they’re a professional photographer.

This in turn drives the prices of professional photography down and makes it hard for one to make a living from it. Adventure photographer Scott Martin is here to help you out though, explaining to Fstoppers the importance of building and maintaining relationships within the industry. For anybody looking to make the leap to professional photography – Read this.

Shooting Close to Home

Pet Photography Tips
Shooting close to home eases the pressure of bagging a shot and gives you that extra freedom

Browse any social media network and you’ll doubtless come across dozens of gorgeous photographs from exotic locations all over the world. This can naturally lead to travel envy, and the feeling that you’ll never be able to capture something special without having a limitless travel budget.

Think again though! Improve Photography’s Rick Ohnsman gives us a bunch of tips for the non-travelling photographer. Get to know your local area intimately, including your own home, and you’re likely to come up with shots that nobody else has ever thought of. That’s one advantage of not travelling all the time – You have the time to get to truly know your area.

Got a Spare $100,000?

Who hasn’t right? Well, if you’re lucky enough to have that spare cash lying around then you can get your hands on the world’s first single shot 8×10 large format digital camera.

As DIYPhotography report, large format digital cameras aren’t anything new, but because of many technical and economical factors all of them use scanning backs to their sensors rather than recording everything simultaneously. Until now that is! It’s ‘only’ a 12mp sensor, but with pixels this large it still produces incredible imagery. 

So, is it too early to start the Christmas list?

Improve Your Street Portraits While Travelling

Street photography is undoubtedly one of the most difficult genres of photography to master, and the challenges associated with it are made even great when travelling. You don’t know the area particularly well and you could be dealing with a language barrier.

Despite this it’s still well worth trying out. Capturing the essence of different cultures is a rewarding process, and these tips from Andrew Gibson will help you overcome some of these challenges.

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