Top 10 Photography Links of the Week - May 4th

Click and Learn Photography aims to bring you a wide range of tutorials, news, and reviews on a regular basis, but we're well aware there are a lot of other fantastic photography resources out there.

We're constantly scouring the internet for the very best photography content out there, and every week we'll give you a roundup of our favourite links of the past week!


With every new camera release the stakes are raised in terms of technological advancement, and the Nikon D850 is the latest in the long line of DSLRs boasting bigger and better specifications than their predecessors.

The Nikon D850 is indeed a beast. It has all the latest features such as a tilting touch screen, 4k video, and advanced timelapse options. At the core of the D850 lies the biggest draw of them all - A 45.7 megapixel full frame sensor. But is it really worth parting with your hard earned cash to upgrade? 

Well, Jake Hicks went on a mission to find out whether it's only the pixel peepers among us who will notice the difference. Check out the full test for yourself, but the take away is that the D850's image quality blows that of the humble D610 out of the water. So it turns out that yes - It could well be worth upgrading even if you aren't planning on printing six feet wide photos.

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Light is the one constant in every single photograph. Without light, there is no photo. Not all light is created equal in the photographer's eye though, and understanding how different forms of light suit different photographic needs is imperative to your development as a photographer.

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The talented Jerry Ghionis is on hand with a very informative talk though. Get yourself a coffee, sit back, and watch 55 minutes of Jerry taking you on a journey of light. He emphasises not pigeonholing yourself into being a natural light or flash photographer, and instead considering each shot on it's own merits and deciding what sort of lighting would work best.

landscape photography books

Kozu Books pride themselves on releasing top quality photography books at affordable prices, and they have just this week announced their latest set of landscape releases from a number of talented photographers from around the UK.

Alongside Brian Kerr and Stu Meech, regular contributor to Click and Learn Photography Matt Holland will see his portfolio "Detox" released. Focusing on areas such as Snowdonia, the Brecon Beacons, and Dorset, Matt's images are inspired by his regular off-the-grid expeditions, where he undergoes a digital detox to help him reconnect with nature. You can pre-order the book below, and I urge you to do so!

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How to Start a Photo Series

If you've been inspired by some of Kozu Book's fantastic offerings, why not take a look at Ty Poland's excellent article on Fstoppers. The passionate aerial photographer gives us some great tips on the most difficult part of producing a photography series - Finding a subject.

Finding a worthy subject or theme to a photography project can be really difficult, but Ty's recommendations to find something that has continuously interested you and build on that idea can really help you get things off the ground.

rainy day projects photography

Inspired by the idea of a photography project but just can't come up with an idea? Not to worry, Federico Alegria of Light Stalking has five excellent rainy day projects that you can start today!

Now, when we say 'rainy day project' that doesn't necessarily mean staying indoors! In fact, four of Federico's five ideas focus on actually utilising the wet weather as an anchor to your photography project. Similar to our views on getting out and shooting in bad weather!

Aerial Photography Taken to the Next Level

The business of aerial and drone photography has really taken off in recent years, with good quality drones now being available at prices affordable to the hobbyist shooter. There's always one that has to take it up a notch though.

Not one for the budget conscious, legendary manufacturer Phase One has announced a brand new 100 megapixel medium format camera... And it attaches to a drone! To be honest, it's more aimed at purposes such as mapping and land inspections, but for any keen aerial photographer with a spare $50,000 in their pocket it could be the newest gadget on your wishlist.

For those of us without that sort of expendable cash, there's always our favourite budget friendly photography accessories.

professional landscape photography tips

Nathan has just spent the last four months living as a professional landscape photographer, but despite making a decent living from his exploits he's about to head back into his career as a biologist. 

Why, I hear you ask? He's living the dream right? But as with everything on this planet, all is not what it seems at the surface. If you're considering making the same decision and trying to make a living from your landscape photography then Nathan has some very important questions that you must ask yourself. If you already have a decent customer base and you answer yes to his seven questions, then maybe the life of a landscape photographer is for you after all!

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5 Mistakes Even the Pro Photographers Make

While we're on the subject of professional photography, Jason Row has some common mistakes that photographers of all levels make, even the pros.

Now, I'm not a full time professional photographer, but I can definitely vouch for a couple of these. Jason covers everything from leaving your camera on Auto modes to forgetting to charge your batteries. Believe me, the first time you head on a shoot and forget your battery or SD card it will be a killer, so take heed of this advice!

Tips for Keeping Lightroom Organised

Every photographer should consider using Adobe Lightroom. Not only is it an incredibly powerful editing suite designed with photographers in mind, but it's also a handy piece of cataloguing software, and those in the know use it to keep all their images organised perfectly.

I am not one of those photographers. I failed miserable during my time learning Lightroom and neglected the organisational aspect, and years down the line I am still suffering from that mistake. You see, once you get thousands of images down the rabbit hole it becomes a herculean task to try and sort it out, so here I sit with an absolute disaster of a Lightroom catalogue.

Don't make the same mistakes I did - Follow Simon Ringsmuth's advice and get to grips with Lightroom's cataloguing features; sooner rather than later.

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wedding photography business tips

Now, we do like to inject a bit of controversy into our weekly round up of the photography world, and this title certainly does that.

A slight spoiler - The articulate Shelly Mantovani isn't actually saying that wedding photography is dead, but more suggesting how it's the process of change that is tripping up the wedding photography industry. People in general don't like change, and wedding photographers really don't like change when it means their business goes under. 

How can we get out of this spiral of negativity and plunging fees though? Well, read the article to find out!