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Cyberweapon Inspired Landscape Photography

Yes, you read that right…

Dublin based artist and photographer Karl Burke has taken originality to a whole new level with this excellent photography series. He explains it much more eloquently than I can in the article above, but the general idea is that he creates evocative and often foreboding landscape images by utilising sections of code within cyberweapons.

Really, you need to check it out!

Huawei Takes Smartphone Photogrpahy to the Next Level

Huawei took the smartphone photography world by storm a year or two back when they teams up with legendary manufacturer Leica to produce one of the best smartphone cameras on the market.

Now, with their recently announced Huawei P20 Pro, they have broken new ground again. Leica are once again involved in the world’s first smartphone with a triple camera setup.

Not only does it have the popular wide angle and telephoto features (40 megapixels and 8 megapixels respectively) but they also have their unique 20 megapixel monochrome only camera.

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Working a Scene – How to Find Great Compositions

Beginner Photography Composition Tips

Whenever a beginner photographer asks me why all the images they see on social media are better than their own I have a simple answer for them: You’re only seeing their best work.

Of course, we see all of our own photographic work, but we only publish a very small selection of it. This is the same with almost every photographer, as Anthony Epes discusses in his insightful article into working the scene.

Pushed on by his wife commenting on how many failed photographs were on his computer, Anthony goes into great detail about how he finds compositions and then works on them until he has exactly what he wants.

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Creating an Award Winning Photograph

The Sony World Photo Awards announced their winners recently, and with Fstoppers member Mikkel Beiter taking home two awards they thought it would be wise to catch up with him and discuss his photography.

Fstoppers talk about Mikkel’s journey in photography as well as delving into the process he used to capture these award winning images, so it’s well worth a read!

Garden of Delight – Zeiss Photography Award Winner

Sticking with the subject of awards, legendary photographic brand Zeiss announced their own award winners recently.

The overall accolade went to Belgian photographer Nick Hannes, who’s surreal and rather abstract series of images, named Garden of Delight, took home the prize.

How Dead is Stock Photography?

Manual mode photography tips

It’s often said that stock photography is dead. In fact, it’s been said for years that there’s no money left in stock, and yet people continue to shoot stock images and upload them onto stock libraries.

Here, Melbourne based photographer Kieran Stone talks to Petapixel about why he continues to upload stock images, and why you should considering doing it too.

8 Powerful Lightroom Tools

Adobe Lightroom is a program used worldwide by photographers, and it’s no surprise given it’s intuitive interface and powerful editing potential. However, while the basic edits will get you some very good results, there is a lot more power hidden under the bonnet.

Improve Photography take us through eight powerful and lesser known tools in Lightroom here, with the pinnacle being a way to actually do the advanced Photoshop technique of Luminosity Masking right there in Lightroom!

If you haven’t got Lightroom yet, I urge you to read the guide below and then purchase the software here!

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Long Exposure Photography Inspiration

Ultimate Guide to Landscape Photography

Most photographers by now already know about long exposure photography, and how it can be used to blur clouds and soften water in a landscape. 

However, there are plenty of other uses for a slow shutter speed, some of which you’ve probably never even thought of! The guys at Light Stalking have compiled a beautiful selection of long exposure images, showcasing the variety of subjects that a slow shutter speed can be used with.

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Essential Apps for Travel Photographers

Travel photographers are nomadic beings – That goes without saying. However, being nomadic doesn’t mean you have to be uninformed, and in today’s world of super-connectivity it’s easier than ever to keep yourself safe and productive even when in a faraway location.

Fstoppers goes through ten absolutely essential apps for the travel photographers among us this week, ranging from the ever-present Google Maps to some of the more abstract apps on the marketplace.

You can find some of our own recommended photography apps in our Ultimate Guide to Landscape Photography Pt 3 – Planning and Preparation.

Photographing Wildlife in Yellowstone

Landscape Wildlife Photography Yellowstone

Wildlife photography and Yellowstone National Park. Those are two terms that could barely be more synonymous with one another

With an extremely broad range of fauna, some of the most spectacular thermal features in the world, and an array of gorgeous mountainous vistas it’s no surprise that Yellowstone is one of the most photographed areas in the United States.

If you, like the rest of the nature photography world, are dreaming about a trip to Yellowstone then look no further than Dvir Barkay’s comprehensive guide to all things wildlife photography. 

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