Beginners Section

We believe in catering to all photographic abilities, which is why we've put together a comprehensive guide to getting started in photography! Please don't rush through these articles - Take your time to read, understand, and practise them before moving on. I promise it will make your life much easier further down the line.

Your photography education begins here. Click, learn, and most importantly enjoy it!


Learn the basics

If you're a complete beginner to photography this is the place to start your photography education. Learn the basics behind equipment and exposure in our Learn the Basics guide before delving further into the artform.

The Exposure Triangle Explained

The only resource you will ever need to get to grips with the Exposure Triangle. Learn how shutter speed, aperture, and ISO affect everything from the brightness of your image to whether you need a tripod or not. Advance your technical knowledge.

Getting out of autopilot - shooting in manual

Taking your camera out of automatic mode and putting all the controls in your own hands is one of the most daunting aspects when starting photography, but it's absolutely vital for your development. Soften the blow of Manual mode with our helpful guide.

Ditch the jpegs - why you should shoot raw

Why spend a lot of money on a fancy camera if you're not going to get the very best out of it? Simple question with an easy answer, but one that many photographers overlook when they decide to continue shooting in JPEG format. Here we dispel some myths surrounding the RAW format and help you make the transition.