About Click and Learn Photography

About Click and Learn Photography

So you’re here at Click and Learn Photography, and if you didn’t know already we’re here to help take your photography to the next level.

But who exactly are “we”?

Well, Click and Learn Photography was launched back in December 2017 by me, Alex Wrigley. That’s me over there >>

I’m a passionate photographer and writer who wanted to help out beginner and advanced photographers alike, giving them useful tips on all things photography.

Basically, I wanted to provide something that I wished I had access to when I started out in photography, and so Click and Learn Photography was born.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work alongside some incredibly photographers as I’ve developed this site, receiving numerous wonderful guest posts as well as picking the brains of some of the finest photographers around in our Behind the Lens series.

But it’s really thanks to you that Click and Learn Photography has grown into what it is today. Without the constant feedback, requests, and heartwarming testimonials I probably would have given up on this, so if you have any questions keep them coming and head over to our Contact page!

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