Behind the Lens

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a photographer? To see the world through a lens and capture memories that will last a lifetime? I got to experience just that recently, and let me tell you, it is so much more than I ever could have imagined. From the moment I picked up the camera, I felt like I was in control of the world around me. It was an incredible feeling. And while learning how to use all of the different features on my camera was intimidating at first, it didn't take long for me to get the hang of it. Now, whenever I'm out shooting photos, I feel completely in my element. Photography has become my passion, and I can't wait to continue exploring this new world

Behind the Lens – Joe Clarke

Alex W.

This week on Behind the Lens we talk to Joe Clarke – A landscape photographer based in London who spends his free time travelling to some of the most photogenic locations in Europe. Read more about his gorgeous work here…... [read more]

Behind the Lens – Andrew Bazeley

Alex W.

This week on Behind the Lens we talk to Andrew Bazeley – A wildlife photographer who began his journey on hearing about the imminent demise of the polar bear population. The polar bear population survived, but Andrew had caught the bug of wildlife photogr... [read more]

Behind the Lens – Alex Pflaum

Alex W.

This time round on Behind the Lens we talk to Alex Pflaum – A talented travel photographer who loves to get off the beaten track and explore the lesser known parts of the world. Alex’s upcoming book, Overland, takes us on his epic 12,000km journey through... [read more]

Behind the Lens – RJ Franklin

Alex W.

This week on Behind the Lens we talk to RJ Franklin, a landscape and astrophotographer living and working in the iconic Yosemite Valley. RJ spends his spare time hiking around the part on the hunt for unique takes on some of the most well known landmarks ... [read more]

Behind the Lens – Frank Bell

Alex W.

This week on Behind the Lens we meet Frank Bell, a Chicago based street photographer producing evocative black and white images from The Windy City. We look into one of these stunning street shots and discuss his passions, motivations, and future plans.... [read more]

Behind the Lens – Matt Holland

Alex W.

This week on Behind the Lens we talk to Matt Holland – A full time creative and avid outdoor photographer based in Berkshire, UK. Matt’s work has appeared in a number of well known publications and here we talk about his gorgeous woodland image.... [read more]

Behind the Lens – Anton Gorlin

Alex W.

Behind the Lens offers a unique insight into the mind of a successful photographer as they explain their artform. This week, we meet Australia landscape and real estate photographer Anton Gorlin and discuss his breathtaking seascapes.... [read more]

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