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Behind the Lens – Andrew Bazeley

This week on Behind the Lens we talk to Andrew Bazeley – A wildlife photographer who began his journey on hearing about the imminent demise of the polar bear population. The polar bear population survived, but Andrew had caught the bug of wildlife photography and now travels all over the world to photograph some of the most dangerous apex predators on earth.

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Black Friday 2018 – The Best Photography Deals this Black Friday

The holidays are approaching fast but there’s one more exciting hurdle to get over before the festivities really begin – Black Friday 2018 falls on the 23rd November this year, followed swiftly by Cyber Monday. Many retailers are offering an extended period of deals though, so make sure to double and triple check this page for all the latest photography related Black Friday Deals!

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5 Types of Photos That Are Perfect for Travel Slideshows

It’s natural to want to show off all those gorgeous images you captured on your travels, but finding the right balance is crucial in creating a cohesive and flowing travel photography slideshow. Read on for 5 types of photo that should definitely be included in your next holiday slideshow!

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Buy the Best

Photography Gear Reviews

You often get what you pay for, but sometimes you get so much more

Here at Click and Learn Photography we don’t believe that you have to spend big to get good results in your photography. Many professionals turn their noses up at the cheaper end of the spectrum, but we advocate spending wisely and getting the most out of your photography equipment.

After all, the most important part of photography is six inches behind the camera!

Kase K8 Filter Holder and Polariser Review

Kase may be one of the newest entrants to the UK filter market, but they’re making waves with their excellent quality and continued innovation. But does their filter holder, the Kase K8, live up to our ever heightening expectations from them? Read more here…

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6 Reasons to Start Using Prime Lenses

Why would you ever choose to limit yourself to a prime lens without a zoom? That’s what I and many other beginner photographers have asked, but there’s actually some very good reasons to do just that!

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Tips and Tutorials

Learn Your Next Photography Skill

Photography is constantly evolving – Don’t get left behind

Show me a photographer who thinks they have nothing left to learn and I’ll show you a photographer who has everything left to learn.

Any time you feel stuck in a rut with your photography it’s a good idea to learn a new skill or technique. Just reading about the new possibilities can reignite the photographic spark inside you and get you fired up and inspired to get out shooting again.

Richard Gaspari – Beginner Tips for Time Lapse Photography

In our latest guest post Richard Gaspari takes us into the fascinating world of time-lapse photography, providing you with some excellent tips to help you get to grips with this sub-genre of photography. It can seem daunting at first, but follow these tips and you’ll be putting together some stunning time-lapse scenes in no time!

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Tearing up the Rulebook – 12 Photography Rules and When to Break Them

Always use the Rule of Thirds. Always use the Rule of Odds. Always shoot with your back to the sun. We’re bombarded with rules that try to dictate our photography from the moment we begin learning, but creativity should never be bound by concrete and inflexible rules. Here, we tear up the rulebook and enhance our photographic creativity!

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Behind the Lens

Inside the Mind of a Photographer

Peek Behind the Lens of some amazing photographers

Behind the Lens is our unique insight into what goes in to creating an incredible photograph. We delve into the what, when, how and why of a photographer and explore their photographic techniques, motivations, and plans for the future.

If you want to know what goes in to becoming a top photographer, then look no further than our Behind the Lens features.

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Get Inspired

Your Daily Dose of Inspiration

Articles to light the fire of photographic inspiration

Inspiration is an often overlooked factor in photography, and a factor that every photographer has to battle with at one point or another. Feeling stuck in a rut? Let us give you a helping hand to get your photography mojo back!

Inspiration and creativity waxes and wanes for photographers, but we’re here to make sure it’s waxing more than waning.

Ultimate Guide to Autumn / Fall Photography

Autumn may feel a long way off in the height of summer, but it can creep up on the unprepared photographer quickly and be over in the blink of an eye. It’s not just for nature photographers either – Portrait, wedding, and street photographers can all take advantage of the season. Make the most of the beautiful autumn colour with our Ultimate Guide to Autumn and Fall Photography.

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Photography in the Rain – Making the Most of a Rainy Day

What do you do when it’s raining? Batten down the hatches and wait for it to pass? Most people do that, but they’re missing a wealth of photography opportunities out there in the rain, and that applies across the board to all photography genres. Read on for all our tips and ideas for making the most of that rainy day.

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6 Reasons to Start Using Prime Lenses

Why would you ever choose to limit yourself to a prime lens without a zoom? That’s what I and many other beginner photographers have asked, but there’s actually some very good reasons to do just that!

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