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Take your photography to the next level with Click and Learn Photography

Behind the Lens – Joe Clarke

This week on Behind the Lens we talk to Joe Clarke – A landscape photographer based in London who spends his free time travelling to some of the most photogenic locations in Europe. Read more about his gorgeous work here…

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Ultimate Guide to Spring Photography – Tips and Tricks

The days grow longer and the temperature warmer – Spring is here. There is plenty that spring offers to all manner of photographer, with a burst of colour injected into landscapes and street scenes alike. Read our Ultimate Guide to Spring Photography to make the most of this season.

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Buy the Best

Photography Gear Reviews

You often get what you pay for, but sometimes you get so much more

Here at Click and Learn Photography we don’t believe that you have to spend big to get good results in your photography. Many professionals turn their noses up at the cheaper end of the spectrum, but we advocate spending wisely and getting the most out of your photography equipment.

After all, the most important part of photography is six inches behind the camera!

Best Drone for Under $200 – A Guide to Budget Photography Drones

Drones and aerial photography have taken off (excuse the pun) in a big way over the past couple of years, but even with prices tumbling it can still be expensive business getting into drone photography. There are more budget friendly options out there though, so here we look into the very best drones you can buy for under $200. Read more here.

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The Photographer’s Wishlist – 29 Perfect Gifts for Photographers

Struggling to find that perfect gift for your photography loving loved one? We’ve got you covered with this huge guide to photography related gifts, with everything from low budget stocking fillers to high-end luxury items covered. The holidays might seem ages away, but don’t hesitate to buy that perfect gift for the photographer in your life!

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Tips and Tutorials

Learn Your Next Photography Skill

Photography is constantly evolving – Don’t get left behind

Show me a photographer who thinks they have nothing left to learn and I’ll show you a photographer who has everything left to learn.

Any time you feel stuck in a rut with your photography it’s a good idea to learn a new skill or technique. Just reading about the new possibilities can reignite the photographic spark inside you and get you fired up and inspired to get out shooting again.

Leading Lines – How Can They Improve Your Photography Composition?

There are plenty of ways to enhance the sense of depth and three-dimensionality in a photograph, but not many can work as powerfully as a well placed leading line to draw the viewer’s eye into the scene. Leading lines are hugely effective compositional tools in all types of photography and can be used to great effect in the right hands. Read more here.

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The Best Lenses for Landscape Photography – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

We’ve already discussed our favourite landscape photography cameras, but now it’s time to delve into the world of lenses. With so many available and a bunch of confusing acronyms it can be easy to get overwhelmed when researching a new lens, but we’ve got all the best lenses for landscape photography compiled into one easy list here!

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Cityscape Photography – 11 Tips to Take Your Cityscape Shooting up a Level

The majority of the developed world is classed as living in an urban environment, so most of us have relatively easy access to a nearby city. Cityscape photography may borrow a host of techniques from other genres of photography, but it’s outputs are definitely that of a standalone genre. Read on for our 11 top tips to take your cityscape photography up a level!

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Behind the Lens

Inside the Mind of a Photographer

Peek Behind the Lens of some amazing photographers

Behind the Lens is our unique insight into what goes in to creating an incredible photograph. We delve into the what, when, how and why of a photographer and explore their photographic techniques, motivations, and plans for the future.

If you want to know what goes in to becoming a top photographer, then look no further than our Behind the Lens features.

Behind the Lens – Anton Gorlin

Behind the Lens offers a unique insight into the mind of a successful photographer as they explain their artform. This week, we meet Australia landscape and real estate photographer Anton Gorlin and discuss his breathtaking seascapes.

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Get Inspired

Your Daily Dose of Inspiration

Articles to light the fire of photographic inspiration

Inspiration is an often overlooked factor in photography, and a factor that every photographer has to battle with at one point or another. Feeling stuck in a rut? Let us give you a helping hand to get your photography mojo back!

Inspiration and creativity waxes and wanes for photographers, but we’re here to make sure it’s waxing more than waning.

Photography Quotes to Kickstart Your Inspiration

Photography is an art form, and inspiration is the lifeblood of any art. Unfortunately, inspiration can wax and wane and sometimes fade, and your photography will suffer as a result. One of the best ways I’ve found to tackle a dip in photography inspiration is to mull over the thoughts of some of the great photographers in history, so check out these photography quotes to bring that inspiration back.

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Tearing up the Rulebook – 12 Photography Rules and When to Break Them

Always use the Rule of Thirds. Always use the Rule of Odds. Always shoot with your back to the sun. We’re bombarded with rules that try to dictate our photography from the moment we begin learning, but creativity should never be bound by concrete and inflexible rules. Here, we tear up the rulebook and enhance our photographic creativity!

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Behind the Lens – RJ Franklin

This week on Behind the Lens we talk to RJ Franklin, a landscape and astrophotographer living and working in the iconic Yosemite Valley. RJ spends his spare time hiking around the part on the hunt for unique takes on some of the most well known landmarks in America. Read on to find out more about his incredible astrophotography.

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